felicitas und werner egerland stiftung


The Felicitas und Werner Egerland Stiftung

Entrepreneur Felicitas Egerland established this Foundation in fulfilment of a purpose about which she and her husband had always been passionate: the support of young people in art, culture and science.

The global orientation of their former company, Werner Egerland Automobillogistik, with its numerous contacts in other European countries, is the reason why the foundation focuses its attention throughout the whole of Europe.

Since the death of Herr and Frau Egerland, the Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee of the Felicitas and Werner Egerland Foundation have continued the life work of the founder.

Funding philosophy

The Felicitas and Werner Egerland Foundation, with registered office in Osnabrück (Germany / Lower Saxony), is committed to the implementation and promotion of youth work projects which arouse the interest of children and young people in artistic activity as well as cultural and scientific topics.

The Foundation aims, in particular, to open up opportunities for children and young people who do not receive such stimulation and support at home, by granting them access to art, culture and science.
As an internationally oriented body, we are especially keen to support and promote integration projects and projects of international relevance.

We are particularly interested in projects which take an innovative approach, are of a sustainable nature, and can become independent and self-supporting after a start-up period financed by us.
The individual responsibility of our Foundation is particularly relevant in this respect, therefore we generally only support projects on an exclusive basis. For this reason we normally refrain from becoming involved in ongoing projects with potential funding gaps.

We place considerable importance on good media coverage of the projects which we promote.


Board of Trustees

Dr. Johannes Dälken (Chairperson)
Prof. Dr. Felix Osterheider (Deputy Chairperson)

Advisory Committee

Dr. Marc Janauschek (Chairperson)
Jens Meier (Deputy Chairperson)
Prof. Dr. Julia Schneewind-Landowsky


Felicitas Egerland

Felicitas Egerland führte mit der Stiftung das Werk ihres 1990 verstorbenen Mannes weiter. Um die Förderung Jugendlicher in Europa langfristig zu optimieren, gründete die Unternehmerin 2003 in Osnabrück die Werner Egerland Stiftung. Mit viel Engagement und sozialer Verantwortung widmete sie sich seither der Unterstützung junger begabter Menschen aus ganz Europa. Ihr Gedanke lebt in der aktiven Arbeit der Stiftung weiter.


Werner Egerland

Der Unternehmer Werner Egerland, begeisterter Sportler, 1947 Deutscher Meister im Radrennen und Eis-Schnelllaufen, hatte schon früh mit der Jugendförderung in Berlin und später in Osnabrück begonnen. Seine Frau Felicitas setzte diese Förderung gezielt fort.

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